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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Affirmations About the Sum

I am not defined by:
  • the extra cream I put in my coffee today
  • the large healthy salad I will have for lunch
  • the exercise I did for an hour yesterday
  • the complete absence of exercise over the weekend
  • being the mom who can make her daughter laugh so hard that she cries
  • being the screaming shrew of a mom who yells at kids for hours every afternoon, all while trying to get work done
  • being the "always on" employee with the great job for people she genuinely likes
  • being the person who just wants to shut off the work when the weekend comes
  • my home, which looks like it was kit by a tornado most days
  • my ability and passion for tidying up and preparing the perfect party
  • having the worst brought out in my by my mother, when offereing up her parenting "two cents"
  • being the daughter who is so grateful for the amazing amount of love she gives my kids each and every day of the summer, when most kids of a working mom would have to be in day care
  • wanting to throttle my husband for waiting until the last possible day to pay a bill
  • adoring this man so much it makes my heart ache
I am the sum of all these things, and more.

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