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Friday, May 21, 2010

Evolving Into a Soccer, er, Softball Mom

We have a ridiculously full weekend planned.  "Why are we doing this to ourelves?" kind of full.

Saturday holds promise of a new farmers' market  (the market isn't new, but it is one I have never been to before) in the morning, and a birthday party-slash barbecue-slash-Flyers playoff game party in the afternoon.  Sunday we are going to dip oursleves in sunscreen and have a day full of mowing and digging and  and vegetable garden planting and mulching and and pool opening and general outdoory-ness.  Abby (and coach daddy) have softball events: games, team pictures and practices on 5 of the next 6 days, inlcuding this evening and tomorrow midday.  On top of all this, we somehow need to find time to prepare nourishing meals and plan meals for the work-week, get some rest, pay the bills, grocery shop for next week and do laundry/clean up the house.

Sunday is also the LOST series finale.  Basically 6 hours straight of the best.  show.  ever.  Translation:  6 straight hours of Chris & I saying "shhhh" a lot and not getting much else done.  Think the kids can put themsleves to bed that night?

Anyhoo...I am a little stressed about it all.  I need to keep my focus.  If I don't incinerate the list, next week will be 100% hell for us, and we will (sadly) spend all of Memorial Day Weekend making up for it instead of enjying the 3 days off.

Oh, and Abby woke up with a sore throat this morning, so enter the (ever present when you have kids) possibility that the plan will ENTIRELY change at least a few times until it all shakes out.

What does this all mean?  That I need to find a way to stay motivated without letting "the flow" that I am supposed to go with derail me.  I'll let you know how it goes.

Besides listing yourself to death,  what time management tips can you share?

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